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Our agency is designed for millionaires who are looking for high-end dating experiences with celebrities, Bollywood stars, famous Instagram models, top runway models, and even Miss Universe. We offer a discreet and personalized service that caters to your unique dating preferences and lifestyle.

Our agency is home to some of the most famous and successful people in the world. Our clients include successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, investors, and celebrities who are looking for meaningful connections and long-term relationships. We understand the importance of discretion and privacy, and we take great care to ensure that your personal information and dating experiences are kept confidential.

One of the benefits of working with our agency is the exclusivity and quality of our services. We have a strict selection process for our clients and members, ensuring that only the most successful and affluent individuals are part of our network. As a result, our members have access to some of the most sought-after celebrities and models in the world, many of whom are not available through traditional dating channels.

Our VIP members have the opportunity to meet and date some of the most famous people in the world, including Bollywood stars, runway models, and Miss Universe. We work closely with our clients to understand their preferences and match them with the perfect celebrity or model for their unique lifestyle and interests. Our team of experts provides personalized matchmaking services, arranging introductions, and managing all aspects of the dating process, from the first date to the last.

We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive and professional service, with a focus on discretion, quality, and exclusivity. We understand that our clients lead busy lives and have high expectations when it comes to dating. That’s why we go the extra mile to ensure that your dating experiences are memorable, enjoyable, and stress-free.

In conclusion, our matchmaking agency is the perfect choice for millionaires who are looking for high-end dating experiences with celebrities, models, and other successful individuals. Our exclusive network and personalized services ensure that you have access to some of the most sought-after people in the world, while maintaining the utmost discretion and privacy. Become a VIP member today and let us help you find the perfect match for your lifestyle and preferences.
Our agency has an exclusive package for clients who want us to contact their favorite Instagram personalities: models, celebrities, influencers, singers, actresses, and many others. We can directly connect with them by sending a professional message via Instagram, email, or phone number.

Our Instagram package includes a range of benefits, such as contacting your preferred models, celebrities, influencers, singers, and actresses through a discreet, efficient, and professional message on Instagram. We can also use their email or phone number to ensure you receive a quick response.

This service grants you access to your favorite Instagram personalities and offers the opportunity to create new connections. Whether you’re seeking a romantic date or simply want to meet these celebrities face-to-face, we’re here to help you fulfill your desires.

Our Instagram package is exclusively available to our VIP clients, ensuring only the most successful and influential clients have access to this service. We will discuss our clients’ preferences and take measures to ensure our messages and approach align with their lifestyle and what they’re looking for.

In addition to our Instagram service, our agency also offers personalized matchmaking and date organization services for our VIP clients. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your dates are enjoyable, safe, and stress-free.

In conclusion, our matchmaking agency is a high-quality and exclusive service that offers unique opportunities to meet celebrities, Bollywood stars, Instagram-famous models, top runway models, and Miss Universe. We offer personalized, discreet, and professional services that help you find meaningful connections and build long-lasting relationships. We’re here to help you fulfill your desires and create unforgettable memories with your favorite celebrities and models.


“Your deposits are calculated when reserving models to ensure that you are a serious and wealthy client. This is a guarantee from us to you. At our agency, we only cooperate with serious, discreet, and wealthy clients. We strive to provide the highest level of professionalism and discretion to ensure that our clients have a truly exclusive and enjoyable experience.

At our agency, you can pay through various methods, such as direct card payment, cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, or Ethereum. Our payment methods are easy to use and highly discreet. Your discretion and privacy are our top priorities, and we will never disclose your personal information without your explicit consent. We provide an extreme confidentiality agreement for our millionaire clients to ensure their utmost privacy and security.”

What are the steps after registration?

Step 1 – Register with email

Step 2 – After registration you pay for access site

Step 3 – After payment you must contact us on the watssap or email

Step 4 – The site administrator will give you access site for models

 Payments : Visa Master Card   Bitcoin Ethereum

Booking conditions :

You can only book with an advance of 40% in the Agency’s account

Specification: Pictures, Videos, Description Celebrities Models Miss Universe access to the site is offered only after payment is made, not before

If you don’t like Celebrities and Models  the money will not be refunded : You can choose another one that fits the amount you offer

Please make your reservations at least 3 day or 60 days in advance to ensure a real and professional meeting. Our celebrities and models have private lives and events, and are not available immediately. We strive to provide a high-quality and exclusive service, and our booking process reflects that. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making the reservation process as smooth as possible.

Event Wealthy Member
100.000 Euro
VIP Membership is a convenient credit retainer that provides extra benefits and streamlined booking procedures. This exclusive care package is for high-net-worth individuals who appreciate special attention.
Further access to private model profiles
Priority over non-members
10% premium reduction on fees
Personal 24/7 VIP contact number
Personal attention &
concierge assistance
Several Member benefits, tier 3
A chance to win a free 'supermodel 7 days .
The Celebrities of Desire
50.000 Euro
We can contact 10 favorite Celebrities and Bollywood
NDA agreement (Your data is confidential)
Personal number of the Celebrity who agrees
The money is calculated in the Celebrity reservation
If no Celebrity agrees with your offer, you can choose any model you want from our agency
Enjoy exclusive benefits, streamlined booking, and unmatched convenience. This care package is designed for discerning individuals seeking an extraordinary experience, including access to our Celebrity Escorts gallery.
Relationship for 1 year 20 million Euros
Enjoy exclusive benefits, simplified booking and unparalleled comfort. This care package is designed for discerning individuals looking for an extraordinary experience, including access to our Celebrity Escorts gallery.
Full access to photos and videos
Access to celebrity gallery
Priority over all other callers
Relationship for 1 year: Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity 20 million euro deposit
Relationship for 6 months: Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity 15 million euro deposit
Relationship for 3 months: Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity 10 million euro deposit
Relationship for 1 month: Bollywood and Hollywood celebrity 3 million euro deposit
We can contact any Celebrity you want

    Our vision

    The reason why our dating platform is the most preferred gateway to instagram models as well as celebrities is that our services can outperform other discreet dating agencies. If you’re looking for the safest and fastest way to connect with your soulmate or a low-key date, look no further.
    When you sign up with us for your dating activities, you can quickly understand that our site is a much better, more accessible and more enjoyable platform than hundreds of other dating sites.

    Our agency collaborates only with millionaire businessmen with a positive and reliable energy

    We do not accept people who speak vulgarly or who do not trust our services

    Please do not ask for pictures or videos in advance with models before becoming a member

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