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We are a 5 Star Agency  only for Rich people: Millionaires  Billionaires
Discreet Businessmen who want to meet Celebrities Bollywood  Models Podium Miss Universe Singers Actresses  Entrepreneurs  Business women looking for investors 
We also have TV Influencers with over 10 million followers who can accompany you to Special Events: Gala, Opera, Film, Business Meetings and Dinner
We can organize luxury Campaigns where TV Celebrities can participate for Billionaires
Also, if you are an investor and want a collaboration with a Star or for your Company to appear in the US News for advertising, we can help you

We collaborate with the most famous brands and models
Our club consists only of very influential and well-known people from all over the world

How Do I Meet Celebrity Miss Universe Models Instagram ?

Initially, one needs to be careful to find a genuine company providing genuine celebrities. Many companies will promise to introduce you to celebrity models, but cannot deliver. Keep in mind also, there are degrees of celebrity. Do you want to meet a well known cover girl, an up-and-coming actress, a top supermodel, an A or B list actress? Depending on the model / actress you wish to meet, the fees will fluctuate. A Victoria’s Secret supermodel will obviously command a higher fee than a cover girl still in development.

You’ll need to be extremely affluent in order to meet someone of this caliber. However the gentlemen for whom price is irrelevant, are actively seeking out this caliber. We offer a lovely group of beautiful and accomplished models and actresses of varying degrees of success, for you to invite to dinner. Given a model’s status, she simply can’t be available to just anyone, and therefore must set her fees at a level that politely eliminates most people.

Our Elite international  models are World-Class, and their companionship services are targeted to refined high-end Gentlemen who know how to appreciate the quality companionship with a sophisticated lady.

Our Models are part-time Models  with a busy private life and therefore, they are not available for last-minute calls. To ensure the availability of your preferred Companion, we advise making a reservation at least 3 days in advance.

The first place for us is Respect and Fairness
Our Club is created only by people from the upper Class, Very Polite and Generous
We place great value on good manners, proper behavior, Intelligence, Honor, and Discretion

We are the most Expensive on the market because we have the most Beautiful, Intelligent, well-mannered and unique Celebrities and Models from all over the World.

Part of our mission is to help you get to know any Model |Celebrities Bollywood | Actress | Miss Universe or Top Models  that is to your liking and desire.
If we do not have the model you want on this site, you can give us an idea, a name of an Actress Model or Star that you like and we can help you get to know him.

Only men who register can access the Models – Celebrities profiles
The name of the model or celebrity is not given in private
All can only be viewed once you are a registered VIP customer

USA, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, UAE Arab countries, Austria, Romania, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, Italy, Russia, Poland, England, Belgium, Bosnia, Belarus, Albania, Monaco and many other countries.

 Discretion for you 100%

Luxury Models Celebrity VIP are ready to match you with the very best Model in Dubai, all in complete confidence. Booking with Luxury Models Celebrity VIP  safe and easy. Simply select one of our Luxury Ladies and we’ll do the rest, or ask for our recommendations based on your specific requirements.

Prices Events and meetings with models

Medium Instagram Models : 7000 euro – 10,000 euro 

Miss Universe and Instagram Influencer : 10,000 euro – 50,000 euro 

Bollywood Celebrities : 50,000 euro – 1,000,000 euro 

For Customers with a deposit of 50,000 euros we do a 20% discount

What are the steps after registration?

Step 1 – Register with email

Step 2 – After registration you pay for access site

Step 3 – After payment you must contact us on the watssap or email

Step 4 – The site administrator will give you access site for models

 Payments : Visa Master Card   Bitcoin Ethereum

Booking conditions :

After you have registered and paid for the subscription, choose the Model or Celebrities you want
You can only book with an advance of 40% in the Agency’s account

Specification: Pictures, Videos, Description Celebrities Models Miss Universe access to the site is offered only after payment is made, not before

The 1,000,000 Euro , 9000 Euro , 5000 Euro and 1000 Euro  subscription is calculated in the Celebrities and Exclusive Instagram Models reservation

If you don’t like Celebrities and Models  the money will not be refunded : You can choose another one that fits the amount you offer

Membership Rich VIP 

Exclusive Instagram Models
1000 Euro It is calculated in the Reservation Models
Access to all models
Access to all photos and video
Description and details
After payment send message on WhatsApp to give you access to the site
9000 Euro It is calculated in the Celebrities Reservation
Only Millionaire VIP Members
You have access to Celebrities
Access to all photos and video
Description and details
After payment send message on WhatsApp to give you access to the site
Relationship for a Year
1,000,000 Euro one year
For the Deposit of 1,000,000 euro
you can have a Long-term Relationship for 1 Year with a Super Model or a Famous Celebrity
24/7 personal assistance
For this offer contact us on whatsapp for details
The Model of Desire
5000 Euro To contact the desired models
Special Package for Customers who want a specific model
We contact any desired Model or Celebrities
Tell us her Instagram name and we will contact her
A deposit is required for safety and trust

    We work internationally

    Luxury Models Celebrity  Vip is the most important  site that finds real and honest relationships that fit their lifestyle.
    We inform you that privacy comes first

    Only rich members and high quality

    Luxury Models Celebrity Vip is a safe place for single people to find authentic relationships. We support open and sincere communication to create connections based on mutual understanding and respect. Our members want to meet established and attractive people. If you are looking for an authentic connection, you are in the right place.

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